Grandma Candice

Hi! I’m Candice and when I thought about this blog project, I was happy to realize that a title and name that I am most proud of and that makes me most happy is Grandma. I am older than I can imagine and have been a grandmother for some 21 years!

I’m four peoples’ mother and a bunch of peoples’ grandmother. I’m retired now, but over the years I worked a lot of different jobs, including lastly in my work history, 15 years in addiction recovery.

I spent years studying, using and helping others with complementary health strategies. The healing method I know best and enjoy most is classical homeopathy. It is very exciting to me that, without a full time job, I’m able to return to my practice.

I’ve always been very interested in spirituality, even religion, especially as it is described by many, but Thomas Moore says it really well saying that we each have a “religion of our own”.

I’ve been around a while and had some experiences that people have told me I share well. They sure are varied, some light and happy, some dark, some spiritual and some not so. I hope that you’ll find some use, some interest, some smiles, some inspiration.

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